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Kluber High Speed Spindle Grease Isoflex NBU 15

Item # 0002401026E KLUBER ISOFLEX-NBU-15

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Reg Price: $147.15

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Brand: Kluber Lubrication


Condition: New

Year Mfg:

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Kluber high speed spindle grease, #004026-591 Isoflex NBU 15 KL, 400 gram (approx. 14.5 oz.) cartridge.
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Base OilMineral Oil + ester Oil + Synthetic Hydrocarbon
ThickenerBarium Complex Soap
Density @ 20 C0.90 (g/cm3) approx
Viscosity at 40° C21
Viscosity at 100° C4.7
Operating Temp Range-40 to 130 ° C
Work Penetration265 to 295
Speed Factor850,000 dN
Container Size400g Cartridge

high quality

Great product, I'll never buy from a different brand or company again.

Tony Hoey

Moon, PA


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