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Audatech Rumba 3000 CNC Machine

Item #: Rumba 3000
Brand: Audatech
Model: Rumba 3000
Year Mfg:

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X=3000 mm Y=200 mm Z=200 mm
Floor-type vertical spindle machining center controlled
by CNC, able to work on extruded aluminium, light alloys,
PVC and iron working on 3 sides. Tilting working table
managed by CNC: -90°/0°/+90° with intermediate
angles. The machine is fitted with an electric-spindle
4Kw, 18000rpm managed by inverter and quick change
of the tool with spindle ISO30. Interpolation X, Y, Z and
W axes managed by numerical control. Brushless
motors for X, Y, Z and W positioning. Performances and
tilting of the working table in complete safety by the
enclosed protection. Complete with 4 pneumatic double
action clamps, tool diameter correction by software. Axis
mouvements on linear guides.
Left profile stop.

Machine managed by Industrial PC with dedicated
software program
Simplified interface on Windows basis
Adjustement speed axes
Automatic change of the tools at 7 lodging
Possibility to machine pieces longer than the frame’s length
1x Spindle ISO 30
1x Tooling unit Ø8 mm
1x Collet Ø8 mm
Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
3x compartments to collect swarfs
Air Filter
Air Gun with spiral hose
Micro-drop lubrication system with pure oil
Collect chuck ISO 30
Additional clamps
Spring collect ER 32 Ø3-20 mm
Raising stop leftside
Bar code reading device
Thread compensator with quick change tap adapter
For side spindle milling enter
Milling cutter max diam. 140X6 mm
Uninterruptable power unit (220V, 50Hz, 250VA)
Full guard
Spindle 6,6 kw
Spindle 5,5 kw with encoder
Motorized vices
Clamps moved by the spindle