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SCM Morbidelli M90 S CNC Machining Center, 4 ft x 10 ft Table

Brand: SCM
Model: M90
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $129,300.00

Our Price: $129,300.00


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SCM Morbidelli M90 is a new machining center with 3-4 axes technology. It has a reduced footprint that allows to optimize the available space in the factory without compromising on productivity and machining quality. Thanks to the RO.AX Technology, the Morbidelli M90 is able to save up to 60% drilling time due to the large amount of drilling bits. The M90 also has the ability to setup the machine with routing units of different power rates.

Technology Features

  • All at your fingertips thanks to the TECPAD 7” color remote control with touchscreen

  • Free access, having the cable-holder chain enclosed within the machine frame.

  • Faster working cycles with the 14 position FAST tool changer.

  • Intuitiveness and easiness with the APPS included in the Maestro software to produce furniture and furnishing elements.

  • The TV FLEXDRIVE and TV FLEX worktables allow each bar to be easily and quickly managed according to the type of machining.

  • 100% of the working area covered by all the units of the operating unit.

  • TRB tool changer with 11 positions.

  • Free space on the floor with the vacuum pump integrated in the machine base.

  • No problem with dust or shavings thanks to the intelligent solution of the dust collection box located in an ergonomic position.

Drilling Unit

The drilling unit on this machine has higher drilling capacity in its category with up to 21 vertical spindles, 10 horizontal spindles, and an integrated blade.

  • 60% of time saved on drilling cycles with the new drill-bits designed to guarantee the best effectiveness on all types of material.

  • High performance drilling units thanks to the spindles with innovative design. The new drilling spindle offers optimal solutions to achieve the highest quality of finishing and the maximum speed of the whole execution.

  • More than 50% increase in rigidity: rod spindle diameter from 20 mm

  • Reduction of vibrations and guaranteed drilling quality on all materials: rod spindle guide system with special roll bearings

  • Lower operation noise and more rigidity: absence of radial friction between spindle and rotating bearings

  • Reduced maintenance costs: new system to disassemble the spindle

  • More reliability: less components employed.

  • RO.AX. SPINDLE No backlash during machining with the new RO.AX technology (Rotoaxial spindle technology), the most efficient spindle on the market with rotation speeds up to 8000 rpm.

Routing Unit

The routing unit provides unrivalled finishing quality with the ¾ axis electrospindle up to 24,000 RPM.


FLEXDRIVE allows the operator to manually setup a worktable through LED light indicators position on bars and locking systems.
Reliable. No mistakes in the locking systems positioning thanks to the automatic verification: if the set-up is not correct, the program won't start.
Fast. Minimized set-up times thanks to the lights that guide the operator by indicating the exact position of the bars and locking systems (pods and clamping devices).
User friendly. There is no need for an expert operator: LEDs make the machine intuitive and easy to set.


The TV FLEX worktable allows for managing the quantity of vacuum pods you need on any rails.

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