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Engelhart HCM

Item #: HCM
Brand: Newport
Model: Engelhart HCM
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $15,750.00

Our Price: $15,750.00


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Engelhart Handrail Cleaning Machine.

The Engelhart HCM handrail-cleaning machine is specially designed for the rapid and safe cleaning and squaring of  spiral,  curved, and straight handrails blanks,  which have been glued up from veneers or cut out of solid stock. The HCM has a specially designed feeding system with side and top pressure feed rollers, as well as solid reference rollers. The operator inserts the rail blank into the machine until the feed rollers engage. Once the rollers come in contact with the material, the machine will align the workpiece for a proper cut. The unique feed system keeps the rail square to the cutter on curved, leaving the operator to only hold the material as the machine cleans and squares the blank. The unique patent feeding allows for variations in both the height and width of the handrail.

Technical Specifications:
Width of workpiece: 9.8 inches (250 mm) maximum
Height of workpiece: 2.9 inches (75mm) maximum
Inside radius: 3.9 inches (100mm) minimum
Profile motor: 2.2 kW (2.93 hp) (Direct Frequency drive)
Motor Rpm: Variable 8000 rpm - 12000 rpm
Feed motor. 37 kW. (.49 hp) (Infinitely Variable)