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Denray Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Item #: Cartridge Filter Cleaner
Brand: Denray
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Denray Cartridge Filter Cleaner

When filters need to be deep cleaned there must be high pressured air, pushing from the inside out. While deep cleaning with our Cartridge Cleaner, the Shop-Vacs sucking any airborne dust within the unit so when you open it your filter is Deep Cleaned and your air is not contaminated! This design provides a Vibrating, Pulsating, High Pressure Air Blast. Blasting tough compacted dust, in between the pleats, out so your filters can be rejuvenated, close to new condition. It is engineered to deep clean most all sizes of cartridge filters and only takes about 2-3 minutes per filter, with 100 lbs. psi or higher. The Cartridge Cleaner comes with four 4" casters so that you could roll it to the machine, clean the filters and roll away. No messy transferring the filters through your facility. Since it comes with a 10 gallon Shop-Vac, any dust that does fall can be easily cleaned with the extra long hose and attachments. The LED light on top lets you watch through the viewing windows so you can see when the filter is clean. 

Filters that are deep cleaned have almost double the life span and they allow your machines performance to be greatly enhanced. This reduces filter replacement costs and wear and tear on your machine’s fan and motor.

Standard Features Include: 
10 gal. Shop-vac 
LED Light 
4 - 4" Casters 
2 Sizes of Air Nozzles

Dimensions are approximately 4' (l) x 2' (w) x 4' (h) 

All you need is a 110 v. outlet to plug the Shop-vac into and an air compressor to fill the cleaner to 100+ psi.

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