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G700 Gyro Air Dust Processor

Item #: G700
Brand: Gyro Air
Model: G700
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $4,245.00

Our Price: $3,065.00


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The Gyro Air Dust Process or incorporates a unique, patented design to separate dust particles from the air and compute them more efficiently than any other product on the market today. Unlike any existing dust collector on the market, the G700 uses the new axial centrifugations technology, which Harvey calls Gyro Air Technology, to spin the air/dust stream to over 4,000 RPM to separate the dust from the air. The G700 collects 99.9% of the dust particles BEFORE THE FILTERS. This means the airflow and static pressure will remain much more constant during operation. 

The Gyro Air Technology and the completely internal design allow the G700 to run much more quietly than Cyclones or standard dust collectors. 

99.9% Dust separation efficiency before filtration. 
Extremely clean emission (0.05mg/m3).
Super low noise (61-72dbA).
Compact size with built-in mobility kit. 
Strong and constant static pressure. 
Up to 50% energy saving (only 2HP).
Variable-Speed flow control. 
Gull dust bin monitor. 
Easy Maintenance. 

Electrical Power Requirements: 230V, 1PH, 60HZ.
Internal Inverter Type: Siemans 20V. 
Power 2HP.
Max. Airflow: 1,110 CFM.
Impeller Size: 12”. 
Adaptor Inlet Size: 4” x 2”.
Filter Surface Area: 75 SF. 
Max. Dust Bin Capacity: 32 Gal. 
Pressure Gauge: Yes. 
Breaker Size: 20A. 
Motor Type: TEFC Induction. 
Speed: 2,280-4,245 RPM/
Max. Static Pressure: 18-1/2 inch/water. 
Main Inlet Size: 6”. 
Filter Emission Rating: 0.05mg/m3.
Noise Rating: 61-72 dBA. 
Manual Filter Cleaning: Yes.
Intelligent Dust-Full Monitoring System: Yes. 
Overall Dimensions: 56-1/4” x 23-1/2” x 33-7/8”.
Net Weight: 445 lbs. 
Packing Size: 59” x 28-1/2” x 42-1/4”.
Gross Weight: 510 lbs.