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Norfab Ducting and Dust Pipes

Hermance Machine Company is proud to be an authorized distributor of high quality Norfab dust pipes and ducting — widely recognized as one of the fastest and most economical dust collection systems on the market today. Use Norfab dust pipes with general woodworking machines, cutterheads and other equipment. Norfab systems can also be configured to integrate seamlessly with your workflow, keeping your workspace clean and your employees healthy.

Follow the links below to browse the current inventory of Norfab ducting and related products available at Hermance. Ordering online is safe and easy, and shipping can be arranged to anywhere in the continental United States and beyond. You can also contact our staff by phone or email, or visit our facility in Williamsport, PA for assistance.

Dust Pipe

Dust Pipe

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About Norfab Ducting

Norfab dust piping utilizes the company’s exclusive Quick-Fit Clamp-Together system. Compared with traditional flanged ducting, Clamp-Together fittings offer multiple advantages:

  • Faster installation times — Norfab dust pipes are connected using a special clamp that requires no tools to install. This means a complete system can be assembled in less than half the time of one using conventional flanged ductwork.

  • Improved performance — Flanged dust piping is difficult to align perfectly, which leads to a sloppy appearance and greater static pressure loss, particularly in longer running systems. Norfab’s Quick-Fit connectors eliminate these issues, resulting in piping that aligns better and works more efficiently, even across long runs.

  • Greater flexibility — Clamp-Together ducting can be easily expanded and adapted to changing workflows and shop configurations. Whereas flanged systems are typically discarded, Norfab dust pipe systems grow with your business, saving you money when it’s time to reconfigure your operations.

Shop Norfab Ducting Products at Hermance

Hermance has been supplying industrial machinery and accessories to clients around the world since 1902. Our partnership with Norfab has allowed us to provide our customers with some of the best-performing and most economical dust piping systems on the market today

Browse our current inventory of clamps, pipes, hoses, tap-ins, valves and other system components online, or contact a sales representative directly for more information about the benefits of choosing Norfab.

Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems can draw the dust away from the machine and a dust collector is the vacuum cleaner where the dust filtered and the clean air returned either to the building or outside.

Installation time is minimal because it is easy to connect with any existing pipe systems also components and joints are matched with all systems. 

Adjustable QF fit makes it easy to join pipes together. It inside surface is very smooth so it prevents inside blockages. QF edge increases stability and roundness in all areas.

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