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Cubit Miro End Matcher Saws

Item #: 691030
Brand: Royce//Ayr
Year Mfg:

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High Feed Rate:
Custom Engineered to achieve feed rates up to 300 ft per min.
Hydrualix ETP sleeve integrated with adjustment dial for convenient accurate kerf adjustments
Precision ground inserts knives for specific wood species to improve tools life and cut quality 

Standard Feed Rate:
3 wing Insert Cutters with removable micro bevel knives
Precision ground inserts to match exact NORMA profile

Cubut Mirco-Adjust Flooring Tools.
PCD or Insert cutter assembly mounted on Hydro sleeve with completely enclosed dust-free adjustment system.
Mirco-Adjust System quick and precise adjustments
Adjustment is made without taking tool from shaft
Completely protected from dust entering the adjustment area
Excellent edge life and finish due to double Hydro sleeve
Available with insert of PCD Diamond cutting edge