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Fanuc M-710iC/45M Six Axis Mechanical Unit

Item #: M-710iC/45M
Brand: Fanuc
Model: M-710iC/45M
Year Mfg:
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M-710iC/45M Six Axis Mechanical Unit (45kg Maximum Payload, Floor, Upside-down, or Angle Mounted, 2.6m Reach) with:
Brakes on all axis
Vernier Mark All Axis
Lifting eye bolts
7 meter Robot Connection Cable
ISO Flange Faceplate
1 Integral 8mm OD x 5mm ID air line with Rc 1/2 air connection port at J1 base and at J3 casting
Standard 360 degree motion range of J1 axis
J3 & J4 cover standard
J1 & J2 cover standard
EE Connector (24 pin) at J3 axis with 8 input, 8 output, HandBroken, +24 0 VDC signals
2-D Camera Connector at J3 for iRVision
ASi Connector at J3 with 24 pins for user interface (24 VDC rated)
Note: ASi can be used for one of the following options
1. iRVision 3DL
2. Force Sensor
3. User interface
NRTL Approved R-30i B A-Cabinet Controller with:
2 Slot Backplane
Main CPU Board with:
Multi-processor architecture (MAIN, COMM & PMC Processor)
MEMORY:64 Mb DRAM , 64 Mb FROM & 2 Mb SRAM
6-axis Control PCB
2 10BaseT Ethernet Ports
1 iRVision (GigE) Camera Port
1 iRVision Analog Camera Port
2 Mini Slots (supports Devicenet, PROFIBUS, CC Link, Aux Axis, ARC Link, FL-net plug-in cards)
1 Wide Mini Slot (supports PC104 or Line Tracking or Profinet plug-in card)
1 PCMCIA Memory Card Slot
1 USB Port 2.0 (accessible from the controller door)
Controller Power Supply
6 Channel Servo Amplifier
Power Transformer for 440 - 480 V AC
NRTL Circuit Breaker
RIA-compliant E-Stop unit
Hour Meter
2 Safety Inputs & 2 Safety Outputs
Integrated Operator Panel (Includes: T1-Auto Mode Switch, ESTOP, Cycle Start & Fault RESET Push Buttons, Indicator Lights)
RIA-compliant Color Haptici Pendant with Touch Panel & USB Port 2.0
10M Teach Pendant Cable
Product Documentation CD: 
Includes R-30iB HandlingTool Software (V8.x), M-710iC/50 Mechanical Unit, and R-30iB Controller Documentation.
System Software Reference, KAREL Reference
R-30iB HandlingTool Software Installation, Setup and Operations
R-30iB Controller Maintenance
Mechanical Unit Operator Manual
Error Codes
Options documentation (software/hardware)