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Bow FeatherPo Featherboard

Item #: FP1
Brand: Bow Products
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $29.99

Our Price: $29.99


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With this featherboard unique design cuts are smoother and provides incredible kickback protection. The chatter gets dramatically reduced and will give you a better cut.
Anti-Kickback Living Hinge Design - Dramatically reduce your chance of harm through this hi-tech hinge while maintaining amazing flexibility and feel. 
Interchangeable Feathers - Easily swap out feathers insers when switching between a standard set or an ultralight set
Shatter Proof Feathers - The featherboard won't shatter or explode in your face. It not only helps on safety but it helps protect your equipment longevity. 
Non-Marring Feathers - You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what you're doing even when working with soft woods.
Versatile - The Featherboard is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware

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