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Gannomat DB21 dowel construction boring machine

Item #: DB21
Brand: Gannomat
Model: DB21
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $15,750.00

Our Price: $15,750.00


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The DB-21 is a 21 spindle construction boring machine which drills in both the vertical and horizontal directions producing a perfectly aligned pattern of edge and face construction holes. The DB21 has a pneumatic head tilt to go between vertical and horizontal boring. Also this machine comes with four hold down clamps instead of three as shown in the brochure. Line boring is available on this machine as an option.

DOWEL HOLE BORING MACHINE in Standard Equipment:         
Fully automatic pneumatic control with foot valve for clamping – drilling - clamp release, safety control
Drill head with 21 spindles @ 32mm pitch
Automatic boring depth increase by tilting the boring unit from vertical to horizontal position (+ 10mm)
1 Clamping bar, moveable in Y-axis with 4 pneumatic clamping cylinders                                                                                               
Stopping ruler 1800mm, with 3 latch stops. With quick change system, easily changeable from left to right side, for mirror image dowel boring.  Also useable for line drilling.
Pneumatic tilting of boring unit from 0˚ to 90˚ by pneumatic cylinder          
Side fences and position adjustments for drilling height, set by mechanical digital counters.  Side fences easily retractable for quick changeover between doweling of casegoods to line drilling
9   8x77mm brad point drill bits – 5 RH and 4 LH
Standard voltage:  220v, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Advantages of dowel construction:
Dowels have been part of woodworking and cabinetmaking forever, whether it’s chairs, cabinets or frames.. The reason is dowel construction is extremely strong. Dowels are also inexpensive and there is a lot of machinery available to insert and assemble with dowels.
Advantages of Dowel Construction- Once parts are machined dowel assembly forces the assembler to put the work piece together the correct way. There are no screw heads showing and no misaligned parts. To speed assembly a case clamp can be used. 
The advantages of using a case clamp- while glue is setting up, on a work piece in the clamp, the back can be installed. Squareness is guaranteed. Meanwhile the next cabinet can be pre-assembled and readied for when the preceding cabinet comes out of the clamp.Three to five minutes of clamp time is usually required for initial setup of glue depending on temperatures and the type of glue used.