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Kluber Amblygon TA 15/2 Grease for Becker Vacuum Pump (400g cartridge)

Item #: 020109-591
Brand: Kluber Lubrication
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $307.18

Our Price: $307.18


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Special grease for long-term lubrication and high temperatures.

AMBLYGON TA 15/2 is a long-term and high-temperature lubricating grease based on mineral oil and polyurea. This lubricating grease is used for long-term or lifetime lubrication in the machine-building sector covering a wide service temperature range up to 150 °C. AMBLYGON TA 15/2 offers good adhesion, resistance to hot and cold water and diluted alkaline and acid solutions.AMBLYGON TA 15/2 is resistant to oxidation and ageing and protects against corrosion.

Benefits for your application:

*Versatile grease for many applications subject to high loads.

*Long service life even when exposed to high temperatures or aggressive media.

*Long service life due to the high resistance to water and water vapour.

*Long service life due to the excellent adhesion to the friction points.

*Improved sealing effect due to high adhesion.

*Low maintenance due to good corrosion protection.

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