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Metaflux Lubrication Metal for HSK Tool Changer #70-8508 (4 gram pack) Bullet Lube.

Item #: 70-8508
Brand: Metaflux
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $16.15

Our Price: $16.15


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*Metaflux Paste packet for lubricating the drawbar on your HSD motor equipped with HSK tooling.

*The original active constituents of 70-81 in the form of a paste which can be brush applied and which has the same properties as 70-81. (4 
gram package) -180° up to +1.400° C

*Unique industrial heavy duty metal lubricant based on titanium to secure highest performance in all extreme conditions throughout the time

*Resistant to saltwater, water, oil, petrol, most acids, lye, gases and vapors


*Non-flaking if exposed to continuous heat or rinsing

*Prevents galvanic contact corrosion

*Nickel, copper and aluminum-free with no possibility of electrolyte formation