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Hapfo 5000-H Copying Turning Lathe

Item #: 5000-H
Brand: Hapfo
Year Mfg:

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Hapfo 5000-H Copying Turning Lathe.

For small-lot production, the 5000-H presents all technical advantages, which are characteristic for an efficient copying lathe.
The 5000-H is a very precise and powerfull machine in heavy grey cast iron (no sheet metal construction) and first-class
workmanship made in Germany. The 5000-ME feed is equipped with an infinitely variable d.c. gear motor. To increase the
production volume, the copying slide has a fast return. Due to the follower rest, the turning of thin parts is also possible.
Distance between centres: 1.400 mm (standard), 1.700 mm, 2.600 mm, (calculated with short six-pronged dog
and short live centre) Copying length: 1.250 mm (standard), 1.550 mm, 2.450 mm (calculated with long six-pronged
dog and long live center and four-jaw back rest. By using the ring-follower rest additional 120 mm must be deducted)
Height of centres: 250 mm
Specific characteristics of the 5000-H:
Scanning of the master copy or as option original workpiece scanning
Headstock and machine bed in high quality grey cast iron with milled ans polished bed slideway.
Bearing of the hollow shaft free from backlash (suitable for connection of vacuum device) with thrust M 33
and inner cone MK 3.
Drive: 1,1/1,4 kW Motor, 400 Volt, 3-Ph. 50 Hz, Drehzahl: 400-800-1.000-1.250-1.600-2.000-2.500-3.200 U/min.
Option: infinitely variable spindle drive with frequency converter.
Tailstock in massive grey cast iron with eccentric quick clamping and
cone MK2
Safety electricity according to VDE with undervoltage release and lockable
switch, indexe of protection IP 54
Dimension (standard): L= 2.250 mm / 2.550 mm / 3.450 mm,
W= 450 mm, H= 1.230 mm
Weight (standard): approx. 300 to 400 kg depending on type
Production of thin parts is possible due to follower rest.
The use of the ring-follower rest and steel for rough cutting make the planing of the feedstock unnecessary
Two copying units for rough-machining and finishing in one operating cycle.
Max. copying diameter 260mm lenghtwise
Following handrest on slide 160mm
Option: Handrest (275 mm) with eccentric quick clamping possible