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Hapfo Challenge-7000 CNC All-Automatic Wood Turning Lathe

Item #: Challenge-7000
Brand: Hapfo
Model: Challenge-7000
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Hapfo Challenge-7000 CNC All-Automatic Wood Turning Lathe.

For industrial-scale manufacture and to satisfy the highest demands on precision and in case of extremely complex parts.  The CHALLENGE-7000 presents all technical advantages, which are characteristic of an efficient all-automatic CNC woodturning lathe. 

The CHALLENGE-7000 is capable of turning, milling, grooving, engraving, drilling, and grinding.

Distance between centers: 1.750mm
Copying length: 1.450mm (depending on accessories like chucks, live centers, steady rest)
Copying diameter: max. 300mm (without magazine operation)
Specific characteristics of the CHALLENGE-7000:
Headstock and machine bed made of grey cast iron.
Pretensioned spindle bearing without backlash with thread M45 and MT4, hollow shaft for vacuum device.
Bearing of all linear axles with linear guideways.
Tailstock made of grey cast iron, controlled by the program or even manually, Actuated with a pneumatic cylinder, pressure can be adjusted by the pressure relief valve, MT4

Optional you can get the swivel-tool accessory for continuously cutting of balls and 90° recesses in both directions.

A wide variety of followers are available for turning very thin and long parts.  A sanding unit is available which can be controlled by the program to change between pointed and flat sanding operations.

Simple and straight forward programming of machine parameters requires less training due to standard 2D-CAD-Software.

Small parts can be made in "Bar-Mode" (see videos for 5000 CNC model) Millings and groovings are possible in any thread or pitch with our milling attachment.

Frequency controlled motor. Infinitely variable by the program.
Optional CNC-controlled servo-drive motor for spindle speed from 0 to 3500rpm
Dimensions (standard): Width = 3.350mm (4.900mm with opened sliding door),
Depth =2.300, Height = 2.200 mm
Weight (standard): app. 2.300kg depending on model and accessories