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Hapfo Wood-Copying Lathe 5000-CNC

Item #: 5000CNC
Brand: Hapfo
Model: 5000CNC
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $82,122.38

Our Price: $82,122.38


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The Hapfo 5000 CNC Wood-Copying Lathe base model comes standard with X and Y axis programmable motion.   The Hapfo CNC models are customizable to meet the needs of small to large batch operations without requiring custom tools or tool changes.  The V-Swivel system is ideal for turning a wide range of patterns with one standard tool.

2 -Axis CNC-Machine
400 Volts, 3 Phases, 50 cycles, N, PE
Distance between centers 1.600 mm, ( 63" )
copying length of 1.480 mm ( 58.250 ")
With servo motor control for turning round profiles, incl. PC hardware, without HSS-tool, incl. V-steel holding device, ready for operation.

Includes CAD-Software and program to work with
another programming software e.g. Auto-CaD, DIN-ISO, reinforced tailstock Mk 3. Variable spindle speed. PC integrated into the cabinet.
Incl. EOM Mega CAD, COM - Software developed especially for turning

Box for manual override of automatic and manual movement.

Extra charge for self - acting swivel copying lathe tool ( pneumatic ) PC controlled. Thus 90-degree recesses ( resp. " relief - turning " ) are possible during copying operation.

Six-pronged dog MT 3 D30 mm short.
Live center MT 3.
Thrust collar for live center MT 3.
Profile sharpening machine.
Copying lathe tool HSS ( V - Steel ) radius 0,6 mm for clamping.