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Brookhuis In-Line Moisture Measurement System

Item #: FMI L 100
Brand: Brookhuis
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $20,150.00

Our Price: $20,150.00


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Brookhuis In-Line Moisture Measurement System
Linear Flow

The FMI is a patented In-Line moisture meter developed by Brookhuis Micro-
Electronics in The Netherlands which determines the wood moisture in the
production line contact-free, with a view to sorting or selecting wood. The FMI
system consists of:
A microprocessor driven operating unit with menu-driven software for
storage of up to 1000 different product programs and a data outlet
(RS232/RS485) for the registration of the measured wood with statistics
using a printer or a PC.
A microprocessor driven moisture sensor
A reference block to check the calibration settings of the FMI system
A sensor cable to connect the FMI sensors with the FMI operating unit;
maximum length 25 meter
A user and installation manual
A measuring range of 4~30% MC