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AEC Automatic Glue Applicator

Item #: AEC Automatic Glue Applicator
Brand: Doucet
Model: AEC
Year Mfg:

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A Sequencer Belt Conveyor <meta name=”description” content=”Write the meta description content here. Remember you cannot include any double quotes within this description.”/> Depending on the application, the belt can keep a continuous feed of parts or stop feeding between consecutive parts to create gap.

Following the sequencer, each part passes through a series of bottom feed steel rollers and the glue application zone. Each space between rollers is covered with stainless steel plates for easy cleaning. Over the motorized rollers before the gluing zone, there is opposite pressure wheels in order to insure a constant speed of the pieces as it goes through the glue application area. The rollers are powered by an electric motor with variable speed drive up to 80 fpm.

The glue zone consists of pressurized applicator head made by Apquip. The glue head spreads multiple glue lines along the piece top surface with precise quantity. A 12 gallons pressurized stainless glue tank, adjustable mounting brackets and valves are included with the applicator head. When the glued piece reaches a stop fence at the end of the roller conveyor, a sensor stops the feeding cycle until the parts is removed by the operator.

Material capacity in basic system:

  • Thickness: 1/8" to 1-3/4"
  • Width: 2" to 12"
  • Length: 15" to 54"

Sequencer reserve capacity: 12" high or a maximum of 150 lbs.