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Anderson EXXCEL Series

Item #: Exxcel Series
Brand: Anderson
Year Mfg:

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The EXXCEL Series Moving Table 3-axis machining centers set a new level of very High Precision CNC accuracy and machining performance.  The combination of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings and high accuracy Linear Motor Servo System make the EXXCEL an ideal choice for machining wood, MDF, plywood, plastic, aluminum and composite materials. 

The Anderson fixed bridge, moving table design and all magnetic drive motors make the EXXCEL one of world’s fastest and accurate CNC machining centers. The webbed steel substructure and Linear motor drives provide the EXXCEL with a very rapid acceleration profile as well as superior accuracy and extremely low vibration. The EXXCEL CNC machining centers set a new standard in very high precision, high speed CNC machining. The EXXCEL CNC machining center is designed to handle high speed CNC machining, trimming, slotting and drilling on all types of hardwoods and more. CNC Controls include Ethernet options to provide remote technical support; optional C-axis is available.

Work piece holding flexibility is provided by optional clamping, grid or manifold vacuum systems. The EXXCEL CNC Machining Center utilizes an industry standard G-code for control functions that allows easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software and industry standard solid modeling software packages. Additional options include work piece dimension probing, both single and dual zone capabilities and custom configurations upon request.
No. of tables1
No. of vacuum zones per table1
Table size X3700 mm (146 in)
Table size Y1600 mm (63 in)
Stroke of X-axis 4450 mm (175 in)
Stroke of Y-axis 1800 mm (71 in)
Stroke of Z-axis 300 mm (12 in)
Rapid travel Speed in X 100 M/min
Rapid travel Speed in Y 100 M/min
Rapid travel Speed in Z 30 M/min
Power 15 HP
Max. Speed (rpm) 1.000-22.000 rpm
Clamping system HSK-63F
Tool Changer max 32
Boring block Anderson Type
Vacuum pump 25 HP
Controller ANDI-FANUC
Dimensions: Floor Area 6500 x 4200 mm / (256 x 165 in)
Height 3300 mm (130 in)
Weight11.000 kg

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