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Automatic Swingsaw In-Motion

Item #: Swingsaw
Brand: Doucet
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $349,473.68

Our Price: $349,473.68


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The DOUCET Swingsaw marks the beginning of a new era in Solid Wood Processing. With the advent of advanced vision systems, traditional "Stop and Cut Saws" have become a bottleneck when attempting to automate wood processing plants. The DOUCET Swingsaw cuts boards while in-motion, eliminating time consuming and stress inducing sudden stops and accelerations.

  • A Superfast Swingsaw, in a class of its own
  • Cutting Accuracy is unmatched
  • Great versability
  • A smooth operation
  • With the latest motion control technology
  • A fully compatible system
With its innovative Crosscutting-in-motion Technology, the Doucet Swingsaw combines the highest cutting speed with the greatest accuracy. A radical change in crosscutting saw technology.