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BIHP 46/1/520 Swordbrush Cleaning Module with pressure buffer

Item #: 1804-004
Brand: Wandres
Model: BHIP46/1/520
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $4,609.50

Our Price: $4,609.50


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BIHP 46/1/520 Swordbrush Cleaning Module with pressure
buffer for A= 520 mm, max. usable working width= 360
mm (14.2 inch).

Electrical: 480 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph, 0.76 A
Pneumatic: 6 bar, filtered, dry, oilfree, 1 suction connection dia. 60 mm
Suction: 1 x 5 m3/min.
Liquid: Ingromat

Brief description:
-integrated micro moistened linear quadro brush (7 filament rows) for unilateral cleaning of the surface, wiping edge to edge.
- material of filaments: polyamide.
- filament diameter: 0.15 mm.
- filament length: 19 mm.
- color: blue.
- Suction connection: 1 x 60 mm diameter.
- with pressure buffer for approx. 3 mm stroke, pressure buffer consists of a special hose that is situated above the linear brush guide.
-inside pressure may be adjusted from 0 - 5000 Pa. This.will allow you to keep the wiping force onto the surface at a constant level.