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Bacci Double Jet CNC Machine

Item #: Double-Jet
Brand: Bacci
Model: Double Jet
Year Mfg:

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Double 5+5 axes full digital machining centre, patented, is designed to machine and automatically load different elements. It can be equipped with one, two or three ergonomic hopper feeds, type JET (patented), with a variable number of clamps according o the user's requirements. Machining centre DOUBLE/JET, version X = 2950 mm, can also automatically load and machine elements up to 3 mt in length. In addition, machining centre DOUBLE/JET can machine at the same time 2 back legs and 2 seatbacks (complete backrest) or 2 back legs and 2 anterior legs, or 4 back legs, etc. with automatic loading/unloading.
Machining of different elements at the same time (patented) allows the operator to divide the working load equally between the heads. Therefore, the heads are continuously operable, which avoid loss of time due to exchanges strokes of the heads or other unjustified delays.

Machining centre DOUBLE/JET is equipped with the proven Double Reference System (patented) that permits halving set-up times. The operator has only to adjust one Bacci Heavy Duty clamp set up to perform R.H and L.H machining. Such Double Reference System is also indispensable to load, as well as to the machine, legs and seatbacks.

Loading and unloading operations occur rapidly, in fact almost zero, when the DOUBLE/JET is equipped with 2 hopper feeds instead of only one. Cycle times are extremely reduced(up to one half) compared to all other machines on the market. This is due to Bacci's exclusive PITAGORA software, which is superior to other softwares. Although other software imitate PITAGORA, they cannot adequately influence productivity, programming, set-up time, nor risk of collision.

Exclusive features of PITAGORA are:
  • 10 minute programming time
  • "Automatic Zero Stop & Go Machining"
  • "Short connection trajectories automatic generator"
  • "Coherent clamp and hopperfeed positioning"
  • The best programming results are achieved also by inexpert programmers
Interpolated AxesN. 6+6
Loader AxisN. 2
Longitudinal X axis1,700 / 2,400 / 2,950 mm
Transveral Y axis1,300/1,800 mm
Vertical Z axis650 mm
A axisUnlimited
B axis260°

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