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Biomass BP-100 Automatic Hydraulic Briquette Press

Item #: BP-100
Brand: Biomass Briquette Systems
Model: BP-100
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $29,500.00

Our Price: $29,500.00


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Eliminate and reduce wood waste volume and gain a valuable fuel source today with the Biomass BP-100 Automatic Hydraulic Briquette Machine. The BP-100 uses wood chips, saw dust, and other various biomass/ag residues to make 2" diameter briquettes of sizes up to 5" in length allowing more effective management of your wood waste products.
Advantages Of Briquetting Your Waste Material:

  1. Coverts waste into a valuable heating source for colder climates -  Reducing or eliminating high monthly heating bills.
  2. Cost savings management of wood waste material by reducing the volume of waste to be handled - Thus reducing labor time and tipping fees for removal and disposal.
  3. Briquettes can be used as an additional profit source, selling them as a solid fuel source - Increasing company profitability and providing a quick ROI for the initial investment
  4. Compared to other methods of reducing waste volume, briquetting offers an affordable alternative.
  5. Effectively helps with compliance of local regulations mandating reduction of solid waste.