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Cantek 10" Tilt Arbor Table Saw 5HP 3PH

Item #: TA10 - 5HP 3PH
Brand: Cantek
Model: TA10
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $2,180.00

Our Price: $2,180.00


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Cantek 10" Tilt Arbor Table Saw 5HP 3PH

The Cantek 10" Tilt Arbor Table Saw with three phase 5HP motor is very efficient machine to manufacture precise cuts in less time. It has a rip fence assembly that allows easier parallel reference because it efficiently locks at the front rail. You can also work with optimum visibility with the fence’s guide rail which features a magnifying glass. The Cantek 10” Tilt Arbor Table Saw also boasts a strong frame construction and saw assembly for demanding cutting jobs. For convenient and safe control, the Cantek 10” Tilt Arbor Table Saw consists of saw guard, mitre gauge, two handwheels and magnetic switch.


  • Durable construction and saw assembly

  • 5HP motor

  • Features a mitre gauge

  • Two mitre slots available

  • Blade control via the two handwheels

  • The saw guard includes an anti-kickback feature

  • Maximum working visibility with the guide rail and magnifying glass

  • Efficient rip fence assembly

Saw Blade Diameter10"
Max. depth of cut at 90 degrees3"
Max. depth of cut at 45 degrees2"
Arbor diameter5/8"
Arbor speed4200 RPM
Table size36"x27"
Table height34 1/4"
Max. rip to right of blade50"
Motor5 HP
Net weight407 lbs
Gross weight497 lbs
Packing size 29"x36"x42"h