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Cantek CFS-100 Defecting Cut-Off Saw

Item #: CFS-100
Brand: Cantek
Model: CFS100
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $55,300.00

Our Price: $55,300.00


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Cantek CFS-100 Defecting Cut-Off Saw

  • Great for defect cutting finger joint blocks or cutting fixed lengths against a predetermined cutting list;
  • cuts fixed lengths, random blocks and defects;
  • With a defect blow-off system combined with computerized logic control permits the blow-off time and the length of defect to be set as desired which provides efficient defect removal and eliminates defect from bumping against the sawblade
  • Computer control provides easy and fast maintenance
  • 5 Cutting modes which include: Adjustable end cuts to a max of 10mm; Fixed length of cutting mode; Sequential cutting mode with 10 sets of cutting sizes Cutting on fluorescent marks with double end trimming and Reading fluorescent marks with double end trim, fixed length, finger joint block cutting.

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