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Cantek J168LH 16" Jointer

Item #: J-168LH
Brand: Cantek
Model: 16" Jointer
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $10,400.00

Our Price: $10,400.00


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Cantek J168LH 16" Jointer

The Cantek J168LH is a 16 inch jointer featuring a parallelogram design to allow the table to smoothly travel. This jointer’s design also maintains a safe operation no matter what your cutting depth is. The Cantek J168LH also features a heavy duty construction for more accurate jointing. Spiral insert knife cutterhead gives you a superior finish without generating too much noise. You will also find table lips on the infeed and outfeed tables. This feature also maintains a noise-free operation. The fitted fence is also heavy duty and center mounted to allow tilting. A safety guard will protect you while the machine’s feeds your workpieces. A dust chute is also available so you can work without any dust.


  • Jointer with 16 inch maximum cutting width

  • Parallelogram design for safer jointer operation

  • Place the table in position by using the handwheels

  • Cutterhead is a spiral insert knife type for excellent finish and longer blade life

  • Superior dust removal with the dust chute feature

Max. jointing width16"
Max. depth of cut 3/4"
Table size 16" x 96"
Cutting circle 4-3/32"
Cutterhead inserts30x12x1.5mm (2) sided
Dust outlet(1) 4"