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Cantek SRS-330 Straight Line Rip Saw Powered Up and Down

Item #: SRS330 Power Raise
Brand: Cantek
Model: SRS330
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $24,700.00

Our Price: $24,700.00


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Cantek SRS-330 Straight Line Rip Saw

The Cantek SRS-330 is a straight line rip saw that it capable to offer you work precision and convenience. It provides straight line feeding of stocks or panels up to 13 ft. A hold down assembly with eight hold down rolls and six rows ensure that your materials are firmly positioned while the cutting takes place.  The hold down on this model is powered up and down instead of cranked with a hand wheel.  The cast iron guide rails are fitted for wear resistance. The chain track is also very durable compared to other tracks. Automatic centralized lubrication improves chain life. An oil level sensor will shut off the equipment when the oil level reached too low. Although the Cantek SRS330 is powerful, it doesn’t lacks in safety and adjustment features. Anti-kickback assembly provides safe cutting operation and the mounted control panel for fast cutting adjustments.


  • Automatic centralized lubrication system

  • Easily access the mounted control

  • Efficient arbor feature

  • Safety features includes anti-kickback fingers

  • Prevent table chain damage with the swing down rear table feature

  • High quality chain and guide rails

  • Capable of straight line feeding

  • Extremely rigid rip saw equipment

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