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Cantek SS512TSB Sliding Table Shaper w/ Tilt

Item #: SS-512TSB
Brand: Cantek
Model: SS-512TSB
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $12,800.00

Our Price: $12,800.00


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Cantek SS512TSB Sliding Table Shaper w/ Tilt

The Cantek SS512TB includes a tilting spindle and sliding table for quicker and more convenient shaping. The spindle is heavy duty and runs on bearings for vibration free and precise cutting. A 7.5 HP motor power is fitted to provide you with excellent shaping performance. The SS512TSB can be adjusted according to the desired shaping settings for your project. Adjustable features like the fence, finger fence and cutterhead are fitted. A control panel is also equipped for quick machine usability.


  • 7.5 HP motor power

  • Tilting spindle and sliding table

  • Extra work support with the adjustable finger fence

  • Cutterhead speed adjustment

  • Convenient control panel

Motor power7.5 HP
Table size39.4" x 31.5"
Spindle stroke7"
Max. tool diameterBelow table - 8.27" and above table 13.19"
Spindle speeds (five)3000/4000/6000/8000/10000 RPM
Tilting spindle-5 degrees ~ 45 degrees
Sliding table size39.4" x 10.25"
Sliding table stroke37"
Machine dimensions48.5" x 39.4" x 52.75"
Machine weight1034 lbs.

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