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Casadei PS63T 24” Planer

Item #: PS63T
Brand: Casadei
Model: PS63T
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $17,795.00

Our Price: $17,795.00


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Casadei PS63T 24” Planer

The Casadei PS63T is designed to meet every demand of a serious woodworking shop. This 24 inch planer is well-trusted because of its planing features. It features steel sectional infeed roller for uninterrupted feeding and rubber coated outfeed roller for scratch prevention. Its roller system also compromises of a reliable cutterhead and efficient steel sectional infeed roller. The Casadei PS63T also includes segmented chipbreakers to provide uniform pressure on irregular workpieces.


  • Thickness adjustment is motorized and can be seen at the mechanical digital readout

  • The worktable’s raise and fall are powered and includes 2 speeds

  • Feed speed control available

  • Floating bed rollers are fitted

  • More efficient feed roller geometry which offers less resistance and positive feeding

  • Includes the efficient TERSA cutterblock which promotes quicker replacement of the knife

  • Outfeed roller is covered with rubber

  • Know working height with the numerical readout feature

  • Upped feed rollers are interchangeable

  • Quiet operation

  • Safety switch is accessible on the hood of the machine