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Complete 3 Point System -AL 12G+AF 12G Comvination 96,000lb Capacity

Item #: CS AL 12G+AF 12G
Brand: Amital
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $2,900.00

Our Price: $2,900.00


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Front Steerable Rollers with Handle Bar
Combined with 
Rear Stationary Rollers with Adjustable Width Connecting Bar
Combination Systems Include All Components Standard for Skate and Roller systems.

A Rubber Cassette Pad with A Solid Steel Base on 
"G" Series Non-Marking Low Profile Wheels.
Design for use on epoxied, tiled, painted, concrete, wooden and otherwise delicate floors.

Shipping Weight and Container Size varies, for Items shipping via freight 
The cost is determined by Shipping weight and Location

Technical DataAL 12G
Load Capacity48,000 lbs
Number of Wheels16
Wheel Dimensions Ø x L3.3" x 3.3"
Height from floor4.5"
Revolving Crown Ø6.7"
Dimensions L x W32.375" x 23"
Handlebar with Pulling Hook L43"
Weight165 lbs