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Cresswood HF-40 Hopper Feeder

Item #: HF-40
Brand: Cresswood
Model: HF-40
Year Mfg:

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HF-40 SR and LR "Destroyer" Low-Speed grinder models are heavy duty machines designed for labor saving "dump and go zone grinding" near chop, panel or optimizing saws.  Its aggressive cutterhead makes it an excellent grinder for all types of green and dry wood.  This rugged machine has a larger cutting chamber dimension and screen area to accommodate  more output and aggressively process medium to large-sized material.  This machine is built to grind wood waste for saw mills, cabinet, millwork, truss, and furniture industries.
Hopper-fed HF-40
Low-speed/high torque
Labor saving
Dump-and-go operations
10" or 16” diameter cutterhead
PLC Control technology
Expanded cutting chamber for medium to large-sized materials
Easily grinding high volumes of materials each hour
Unique 180º wrap-around screen for a higher output

Motor HP - 40, 50 & 60
Cutting Chamber - 40" x 53"
Ram Stroke - 36"
Rotor Diameter - 16"
Grinding Head Speed - 50 - 150 rpm
Number of Cutter Teeth - 56
Shaft Diameter - 4"
Hopper Opening - 64" x 75"
Standard Hopper Volume - ? Cubic Yards
(Custom Hoppers Available)
Floor Area of Unit -89" x 125"
Shipping Weight - 10,000lbs