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Fletcher FM-87 Molding Foiler

Item #: FM-87
Brand: Fletcher
Model: FM-87
Year Mfg:

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The Fletcher FM-87  Modular Transfer Laminate Machinery for Extrusions, including PVC, Aluminum, and Fiberglass Pultrusions.  Each module is customizable and expandable.  Various units can be placed on a modular section.  The units rotate on a ring with gear for accurate set up.  The machine is completely expandable so in the future, more modules can be added to an existing set up.

The Base unit is a single head module with two rings. One ring is smooth and supported on bearings; the other has a central gear.  The working unit is mounted to the top of the ring structure and will rotate with the ring plus or minus 90° for the top, central position.  A hand wheel with a gear system allows the operator to adjust the position of the working unit.  Fine lateral adjustment is located on the working unit itself. 

The base of the module has a shaft drive system to transport the substrate.  Transport wheels are in line and are linked through a splined shaft.  As modules are added in the future, a coupling is added between the base units.  Each module remains individually adjustable with regard to the position of the working unit, yet all transport speeds are linked mechanically. 

A single control panel with touch screen is mounted on the first module.  It is connected to the back of the machine and a larger, separate expandable electrical cabinet mounted in the back of the machine base.  The touch screen system is expandable as well.