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Giben Prisma 6000 SPT Panel Saw

Item #: Prisma 6000 SPT
Brand: Giben
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $291,017.00

Our Price: $291,017.00


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Single line panel sizing center ideal for the medium to large sized furniture industry and for the semi-finished goods companies. Model PRISMA 6000 features automatic loading from lift table and pusher with grippers. This is the only machine on the market that assures a high speed cutting cycle thanks to special grippers, each equipped with two retracting bottom fingers that allow the stack to be collected from the lift table without the use of any special transfer equipment. ECOTECH is a truly amazing range of high-efficiency products enjoying state of art tecnology. These machines incorporate the know-how Giben and they conform to the most advanced quality standards.
Saw Projection115-130-150-185 mm
Rip Cutting Length3300-3800-4500-6000 mm
Main Blade MotorUp to 37 kw
Pusher Speed Max130 m/min
Saw Carriage Speed230 m/min
X-Y Moving GrippersOptional
CNC ControlG-Drive Q