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Island Clean Air Duster 3000 with Activated Carbon Filter

Item #: 003
Brand: Island Clean Air
Model: Duster 3000
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $8,325.00

Our Price: $8,325.00


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The ICA fume control system is ideal for small shops that do not do enough finish work to warrant a full spray booth system.  This filter clears the room of harmful VOC within minutes of being turned on.

Island Clean Air Duster 3000 with Carbon Features Include:
  • 1-1/3 HP
  • 12 amps
  • 110 volts
  • 1 phase
  • Sealed controls with a 50 foot HD electrical cord
  • Auto-fire shut-off
  • Blower capacity 3000 CFM
  • Warrenty 5 years parts, (excluding filters)
Filters include:
  • (3) 2" green dust/spray filters
  • (3) 3" 1 micron filter c/w 11702
  • (1) micro MP85, 0.3 micron top filter
  • (1) 1 1/2" Activated Carbon Filter (15LBS.-Refillable)

Four Stage Filter System

Each of the four (4) stage OEM filters is specifically deigned and engineered for maximum filtration while allowing maximum airflow over a greater velocity range i.e. from 2,200 cfm to 3,900 cfm enabling capture of harmful airborne particulates as small as 3 microns, including toxic fumes and vapours associated with body shop environments.

  • Stage 1 - 2" Green Pre-Filter Pad
  • Stage 2 - 3" HP90 1 Micron Filter
  • Stage 3 - CF2R Activated Carbon Filter
  • Stage 4 - AC24 Activated Carbon Top Filter

Carbon Capacity Index

Activated carbon adsorbs gas phase pollutants including VOCs and Isocyanates. The ability of adsorption is set out below.


For standard activated carbon four index capacity values are defined as follows

4 = High Capacity

Substances are adsorbed very efficiently. One pound of activated carbon adsorbs about 20% to 50% of its own weight – average about 1/3 (33-1/3%). This category includes most of the odor causing substances.

3 = Satisfactory

Substances are adsorbed well, but not as efficiently as substances rated 4. One pound of activated carbon adsorbs about 10 to 25% of its weight – average about 1/6 (16.7%).

2 = Borderline

Substances are not highly absorbed but might be adsorbed sufficiently to give acceptable results under the particular operating conditions. These require individual checking.

1 = Poor

Substances that are not adsorbed by activated carbon fall into this category.


Acetone3 - Satisfactory
Benzenes4 - High Capacity
Butyl Acetate4 - High Capacity
Chlorobenzene4 - High Capacity
Chloroform4 - High Capacity
Ethyl Benzene4 - High Capacity
Gasoline4 - High Capacity
Hexane3 - Satisfactory
Hexamethylene3 - Satisfactory
Methylene Chloride3 - Satisfactory
Methyl Ethyl Ketone4 - High Capacity
Naphtha4 - High Capacity
Nitro Benzenes4 - High Capacity
Ozone4 - High Capacity
Paint Fumes4 - High Capacity
Perchioroethylene4 - High Capacity
Pyridine4 - High Capacity
Smoke4 - High Capacity
Solvents3 - Satisfactory
Styrene Monomer4 - High Capacity
Toluene4 - High Capacity
Xylenes4 - High Capacity