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Italpresse Primatist/25 A Automatic and Cabinet Clamp

Item #: Primatist 25 A
Brand: Italpresse
Model: Primatist/25 A
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $50,000.00

Our Price: $50,000.00


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Italpresse Primatist 25 A Automatic and Cabinet Clamp

  • Choose between manual and automatic operation.

  • Select horizontal or vertical clamping in just one touch of a button.

  • Includes a timer for precise clamping.

  • Adjustable pressure settings due to the hydraulic motors.

  • Metal screens for protection during use.

Max. cabinet height1,300 mm. (51")
Min. cabinet height250 mm. (9.85")
Max cabinet length2,500 mm. (98")
Min. cabinet length250 mm. (9.85")
Max. cabinet depth700 mm (27.5")
Working height400 mm. (15.75")
Total installed power1.5 kw