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Italpresse XL/10/38-16 Hydraulic Hot Press

Item #: XL/10/38-16
Brand: Italpresse
Model: XL/10/38/16
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $72,495.00

Our Price: $72,495.00


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Italpresse XL/10/38-16 Hydraulic Hot Press.
  • Platen dimensions 3,800 x 1,600 mm (149 x 63 in.)
  • Cylinder stroke and total opening 400 mm (15-3/4 in.)
  • Number of daylights 1
  • Electrical resistance thermal oil boiler power 36kw
  • Maximum platen temperature 120° C (248° F)
  • Number of press cylinders 10
  • Total thrust 190 metric tons (209 US tons)
  • Max. laminating pressure based on 80% of platen area 3.9 kg/cm² (56 psi)
  • Hydraulic pump 3 kw (4 hp)
  • Torsion free, heavy-duty press frame fabricated from welded structural steel
  • Upstroke movement of lower platen
  • Massive, solid steel heating platens drilled for circulation of thermal oil
  • Platens covered with spring loaded scratch and glue resistant mylar film
  • Self lubricating corner guides and rack and pinion system to maintain parallelism of the press platens during opening and closing
  • Loading on all four sides possible
  • Automatic regeneration of pressure during press cycle
  • Electrical resistance thermal oil boiler complete with circulation pump, expansion tank, thermostatic controls, and 7-day automatic startup timer
  • TS-500 color graphic touch screen controller with the following features: 
1. Memory for 200 programs containing different panel dimensions, laminating pressures, cycle times, and platen temperatures 
2. Automatic calculation of the hydraulic pressure based on programmed panel dimensions 
3. Automatic exclusion of one or two pairs of press cylinders based on programmed panel dimensions 
4. Digital temperature control of the platen temperature 
5. Digital pressing timer with automatic initiation of press opening and panel unloading 
6. Auto startup and shut down timer for the thermal oil boiler 
7. PLC I/O status monitoring for troubleshooting 
8. Display of fault messages  
  • EFC System - sensors to detect deflection of the lower platen and stop the buildup of pressure in case of improper positioning of the panels
  • Dual cycle start buttons requiring two hands to initiate cycle for safety
  • Safety pull rope on all four sides with emergency stop switch
  • Safety locking plates to secure the mobile lower platen while performing maintenance on the hydraulic system
  • UL approved electrical components
  • 3-Phase voltage per buyer’s requirements