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Kreg DK1100FE Pocket Hole Bore Machine

Item #: DK1100 FE
Brand: Kreg
Model: DK1100 FE
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $4,999.00

Our Price: $4,999.00


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Kreg DK1100FE Pocket Hole Bore Machine

The Kreg DK1100FE Pocket Hole Bore Machine is simple to operate even when you don't have any prior experience controlling it or other woodworking tool. Day after day, you can drill holes without running into machine issues. However, the Kreg DK1100 FE doesn't lacks in functional features. It has an electric motor that guarantees that drilling failure is virtually not an option. Other revolutionary features also included is the adjustable fence and swing stops which helps maximum and convenient positioning before drilling. When it is time to replace the drill bits, all you need is to loosen the collet and you can start drilling again.
Motor1-1/2 hp 110 V single phase
Drill BitsDKDB Drill Bit (3/8” Shank Dia. 3/16” Pilot, 1/2” long)
CFM Rating1 cfm clamp cylinder (90 psi min)
Cycle Time1 second
Material Clamping Capacity4”
Hole Centering Capability1/2” material to 1-1/2” material
Weight176 lbs.
Dimensions50” H x 24” W x 24” D (40” Table Height)

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