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Leadermac Hypermac Moulder

Item #: LMC 623H
Brand: Leadermac
Model: LMC 623H Hypermac
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $72,950.00

Our Price: $72,950.00


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Leadermac Hypermac Moulder

  • 1 to 11 heads

  • 9”(230mm), 10.2”(260mm), 12”(305mm), 13”(330mm) or 15.75"(400mm) Width

  • 1/4"(10mm), 6”(150mm), 8”(205mm) or 10”(255mm) thickness

Moulder Features

  • Full enclosure with internal lighting system

  • One-piece, cast iron machine frame is specially heat treated for standard configurations

  • Feed system is chainless full heavy duty with cardan shaft

  • Faster feed speeds of up to 120 fpm (40m/min) are standard and to 150 fpm(45m/min) or 200 fpm(60m/min) are optional

  • Pneumatic pressure of the top feed rolls can be easily set to provide the best feed roll pressure. Separate pressure controls for top infeed, midfeed and outfeed rolls

  • Easily adjustable pneumatic pressure to side head holdover rolls and the top head chipbreaker(s)

  • Precision spindle assemblies each including 4 precision bearings ABEC 7 for highest tolerances

  • Spindles speeds are standard 6,000 rpm

  • Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful machining and easy control

  • REC setworks: Programmable controller provides convenient thickness and width of cut settings

  • Hard-chrome plating to all table surfaces, chip breakers, pressure plates and main guide for maximum wear resistance

  • Dual digital counters and digital readouts for all heads axial and radial as well as counters on chip breakers and pressure plate(s)

  • Automatic table lube system included

  • Central grease lubrication system: Lubrication points located from front of machine

Moulder Options

  • 7,200rpm/8,000rpm spindle speeds

  • Special machine, head layout, and opposite handed configurations available on request

  • SmartSet 100: Operator touch screen controls to load desired sizes and download to the machine which is equipped with dual electronic digital readouts for top desired position and bottom actual set position

  • SmartSet 300 & 400 touch screen moulder control system: Maintain all history files, downloads info from the grinding room, triple electronic position readouts for each axis, precision sets, troubleshooting, etc.

  • Heavy duty. 2/1 & 2/2 feedworks for rough material or tough application hi-speed feeding

  • Quick axial set of 4” (100mm) adjustment to the side heads

  • Hydro-Loc outboards for horizontal spindle support on high speed and wider machines

  • Tilting top beam, chipbreakers and/or pressure plate

  • Angling side head spindle(s)

  • Grooved beds for very short stock feeding

  • Universal head or rip attachment

  • Stand alone operators console and/or remote hand held pendant control

Working width (at a tool cutting circle of 125mm)15-230mm(.59"-9.1")
Working height (at a tool cutting circle of 125mm)10-150mm(.39"-6")
Number of spindles, min-max6-10
Basic motor capacity per spindle1 1 KW / 15HP
Basic motor capacity of feed5.5 KW / 7.5HP
Spindle speed6000 RPM
Spindle diameter40mm
Tool cutting circle, first bottom spindle, min-max125-180mm(4.9"-7.1")
Tool cutting circle, vertical spindles, left, min-max112-232mm(4.4"-9.1")
Tool cutting circle, vertical spindles, right, min-max112-232mm(4.4"-9.1")
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, top, min-max100-225mm(3.9"-8.8")
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, bottom, min-max100-225mm(3.9"-8.8")
Feed motor7.5HP
Feed speed, infinitely variable by frequency driven motor6-36 m/min(19.5-117 fpm)
Feed roller diameter140mm
Feed roller width2 x 50mm
Pneumatic pressure for feed rollers, max6 bar (87psi)
Adjustment range for infeed table and edge-jointing fence10mm(.4")
Adjustment range of vertical spindles (axial)80mm(3.2")
Adjustment range of horizontal spindles (axial)20mm(.79")
Length of the straightening table2m(78.7")
Diameter of dust hood for vertical spindleØ150mm(5.9")
Diameter of dust hood for horizontal spindleØ150mm(5.9")