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Leadermac Model LMC 518S Smartmac 7" 5 Head Moulder

Item #: LMC 518S
Brand: Leadermac
Model: LMC 518S
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $42,095.00

Our Price: $42,095.00


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Leadermac Model LMC 518S Smartmac 7" 5 Head Moulder.

Thickness Material .4”(to 1/4” optional) to 5” 
Width Material .6” to 7” (8” optional see optional cutterheads - below)
Min length of material 8” (Butt fed)
Axial adjust. side heads .8” (20mm)
Axial adjust. top/btm heads .8” (20mm) 
Feed Speeds to 20-85 FPM (6-24 MPM)
Net weight approx. 8,200 lbs. 

 Maintenance free Full Cardan Shaft Drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roller station
 Powered rise and fall to extra heavy feed support beam by 1 hp/.75 kw motor. 
 Upper support Beam supported on large center column for most rigid upper beam support. 
 All feed rolls and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points.
 6 Top Driven Feed Roll Assemblies (each equipped with Multiple 2” wide rolls that can be quickly spaced/positioned or removed as desired) 
 2 Full Width Driven Bottom Feed Rolls 
 Top & Bottom rolls – before first bottom head 
 Full Width Bottom Driven Infeed Roll
 Top/Bottom Full Width Powered Outfeed Rolls
 Top Infeed Rolls with pneumatic rise and fall by switch
 All Top Rolls are Pneumatically Tensioned. 
 Top Infeed driven serrated Steel feed rolls up to top head are hardened and satin chromed to resist wear and prevent chips and shavings from sticking to them
 Polyurethane top feed rolls after top head
 Intermediate short stock top driven feed roll station with pneumatic pressure for feeding minimum 8”(200mm) length work pieces. It is easily flipped up for rear side head removal.
 Jog Forward & Jog Reverse to feed with duplicate remote located along the front of the moulder for fast and easy control – Remote includes Beam Up/Down
 4 HP Variable Speed Drive to 20-85 FPM 
 All Heads are Standard 6000RPM and belt driven
 40 mm diameter spindles 
 Edge reference straightening system 
 Adjustment of all spindles from front – Easy to operate stations
 All spindles have horizontal and vertical adjustment, with mechanical digital readouts for fast and accurate setting, except 1st bottom head which has vertical only. 
 Vertical Spindle – Axial Adjustment – .8”
 Horizontal Spindle – Axial Adjustment - .8” 
 Independent manual vertical adjustment to top head.
 Siko Dual Counters on Near Side Head & Top Head Radial Adjustment for Quick Setup
 Single Std Digital Counters included all Heads – other axis
 Digital Readouts in Inch
 1st bottom head supplied with spiral carbide cutterhead – with notching capability
- edge reference straightening system (including carbide insert knife head)
 Set (of 4) Cutterheads Included, serrated back dual angle 10° / 20°
1) Bottom Head 7.5 HP 5” to 6.3”(125 – 160 mm) 4.9” (125 mm)
2 & 3) Right Side/Left Side Heads 15 HP 4” to 7” (100 – 180 mm) 4.9” (125 mm)
4) Top Head 15 HP 4” to 8” (100 – 200 mm) 4.9” (125 mm)
5) 2nd Bottom Head 10 HP 4” to 8” (100 – 200 mm) 4.9” (125 mm)

 Tables, Bedplates, Chipbreakers, Pressure Plate and Fences are Hard Chromed with approx. .012” - .014” chrome thickness(not flash Chromed) – giving you the best in wear resistance
 Sectional Chip breakers before top heads with vertical screw adjustment and mechanical digital position readout
 Hand pump bed lubrication system
 Greasing of all critical points from central front of the moulder location(s)
 Amperage Total – Amperage Total – based on 230 volt installation – 149 amps (460V – 75amps)
 Control Voltage – 110 Volt

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