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Leadermac Model LMC 623C Compact 9" 6 Head Moulder

Item #: LMC 623C
Brand: Leadermac
Model: LMC 623C
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $83,195.00

Our Price: $83,195.00


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Width - Material: .6" to 9" (12" & 13" optional)
Thickness - Material: .4" to 6" 
     Note - to .25" thick and/or to 8" or 10" thick optional

Min length of material: 8" (200mm) (Butt fed)
Axial adjust. side heads:1.6 (40 mm)
Axial adjust. top/btm heads: .8" (20mm)
Net weight:11,650lbs. 

1 Piece - Cast Iron Main Frame.  Specially heat treated for maximum stability and minimum vibration
78 inch (2 meter) long Adjustable Straightening Infeed Table and Fence (each adjustable .4 inch) - other table lengths optional
Tables, Chipbreakers, Pressure Plates and Fences are Hard Chromed with approx. .012" chrome thickness (except 1st bottom receiving plate which is alloy steel specially hardened for best wear ability)
Lift up sound and safety Enclosure including safety interlocks and good lighting inside the enclosure

Maintenance free Full Cardan Shaft Drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roll station
Powered rise and fall to extra heavy feed support beam by 1 hp/.75 kw motor. 
Upper support Beam is supported at both the Infeed and Outfeed ends on 2 large columns for best, most rigid upper beam support.
All feed rolls and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points.
9 Top Driven Feed Roll assemblies (each equipped with multiple 2" wide rolls that can be quickly spaced/positioned or removed as desired)
3  Full Width Driven Bed Rolls
2 Piece Full width Bottom Driven Infeed Roll
Top/Bottom Powered Outfeed Rolls, with bottom full width and plain
All Top Rolls are Pneumatically Tensioned. There are 3 different pressurized groups to the Top Rolls. Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Top Rolls. Each group has a pressure gauge and regulator for varying pressure setting. This really helps for the feeding of different materials with different conditions, smoothly and efficiently.
Top infeed rolls before first bottom head with pneumatic rise and fall by switch
Centrally located Pneumatic Pressure Gauges & Controls for Top Rolls, Chip Breakers and Roll holdover Assembly opposite rear side head on Exterior Column
All Infeed Top Rolls are Hardened, Serrated and Chromed to resist wear and prevent chips and shavings from sticking to them
Top feed rolls after top head are Polyurethane
Intermediate Top Driven Feed Roll Station in front of rear side head with pneumatic loading for feeding minimum length work-pieces.  It is easily flipped up for rear side head removal.
Inch forward and reverse to feed with duplicate control at top head position for fast easy setting
Feed roll diameter   5.5" / 140mm
5 HP Variable Speed Drive with VFD 20-100 fpm and Electronic Digital Speed Readout

230/460/3/60 electrics- wired 460 volts

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