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Long Stock End-Matcher-WPFM

Item #: WPFM
Brand: Doucet
Year Mfg:

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  • Traverse bar conveyor 12 feet by 32 feet 
  • The traverse bar conveyor finished in non-marring clear lacquer
  • Electric motor:  20 H.P. 
  • Adjustable feed speed:   Up to 80 FPM
  • 2 side-shift roller conveyors: 24" wide and 36" wide
  • Traverse bars:  18" center to center
  • Traverse bars for 0.75" to 1.50" thick material flat boards or up to 3" thick dome shaped boards
  • Even-ender device for boards up to 16 feet long
  • Gravity exit system with pneumatic dampers
  • Three Ductile Iron Chains, one fixed and two adjustable chains for squaring
  • Injection type chain lubrication system
  • Machining centers equipped with enclosed cabins for dust control and operator safety
  • Five - 5 H.P. spindle motors and two - 3 H.P. spindle motors (with dynamic braking feature) for machining tongue and groove profiles, and bevels on front and back of boards when needed
  • "Soft Touch" hold-downs for end-matching front and back of soft wood boards
WPFM End-Matcher is designed for volume production of premium length flooring and paneling products. This end-matcher is suitable for a mass-production of soft wood paneling boards, 4 to 16 feet long and up to 12 inches wide. The WPFM is designed to end-match up to 50 long boards per minute. Its unique hold-down system enables it to machine softwood boards without leaving any marks on the front or back surfaces, as well as machining dome shaped log home siding.