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MB ROBA Big Brush Sander

Item #: RB-DB-CB-1300V
Brand: MB Maschinenbau
Model: Roba Profi Brush
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $0.00

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MB ROBA Big Brush Sander

A surface finish can easily determine whether or not your woodworking project is truly high-quality. So it is important to invest on a brush sander that can perform even for the most demanding applications. But, with so many brands to evaluate, it can be daunting to find the perfect match. Fortunately, the ROBA Big brush sander is suitable for your sanding requirements. The revolutionary ROBA big brush which includes sanding drums is developed for three uses - MDF sanding, white wood sanding and sealer and lacquer sanding. Unlike other sanding machines that only covers and touch a small amount of area, the ROBA big brush is engineered to cover the entire area of your workpiece. Whether sanding the edges or corners, the ROBA big brush sander is truly a remarkable piece of equipment. The ROBA big brush sander provides the best sanding because of its two rotational heads which performs different movements. One is for clockwise sanding while the other one is for the counterclockwise sanding drum.

  • Produces low speed movement but still very effective

  • Clockwise and counterclockwise movement

  • Vacuum system

  • Low rotational speed for longer abrasive

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