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MB ROBA Profi-Clean Surface Cleaner

Item #: Roba-ProfiClean
Brand: MB Mashinenbau
Year Mfg:

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MB ROBA Profi-Clean Surface Cleaner

A high-quality woodwork is not only determined by the type of wood you use. It can also be identified through a clean and residue free wood panels. Unfortunately, cleaning is often seen as a minor and sometimes unnecessary procedure. If you value the final look of your woodworking, you need the MB ROBA Profi-Clean surface cleaner. This surface cleaner is unlike other industrial cleaning devices. It is engineered to efficiently target wood dust and glue residues. The MB ROBA Profi-Clean performs a unique operation that allows feed of large quantities of wood pieces. Panels with laminated fronts are even safe as the MB ROBA Profi-Clean uses cleaning drums with special cotton brushes.

  • Best surface cleaner even for laminated fronts

  • Work piece with sharp edges are rounded

  • Removes dust and glue residues