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MB ROBA Profile Molding Sanding

Item #: Roba-Profile
Brand: MB Mashinenbau
Year Mfg:

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MB ROBA Profile Molding Sanding

Molded work pieces are the decorative and constructive element of your woodwork. A highly efficient machine like the MB ROBA Profile molding sanding can guarantee that molded pieces such as wall panels and flooring have excellent surface sanding. The MB ROBA Profile molding sanding is created to satisfy any sanding requirements. In fact, it can be configured thanks to the modular design and construction that doesn't complicates its entire machine operation. Its MB Flex brush system feature is easy to use even when you changed the MB ROBA Profile's main or standard configuration. The MB ROBA Profile molding sanding is best for sanding moldings as it is equipped with the right number of durable and efficient brush tools. There are also compound sanding wheels which allows quick but high quality sanding jobs like wood and intermediate lacquer sanding.

  • Clockwise and counterclockwise sanding

  • Efficiently holds work pieces through its pressure roller system

  • Easy set up

  • Modular construction to suit any demands