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MBMaschinenbau Roba Split Belt Sander.

Item #: Roba-SB-13/CB
Brand: MB Maschinenbau
Model: Roba Split Belt
Year Mfg:

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The Roba Split Belt principle is used for the sanding of flat and profiled surfaces, optimized for lacquer sanding.
The brush belt sanding system for optimal processing
in the areas of:
•  Intermediate lacquer sanding
• White wood sanding
• MDF sanding
Due to the innovative sanding method the Roba Belt Split offers for all these areas optimal prerequisites for best surface quality.

Sanding method
Lacquer sanding is a very difficult task in the field of production of furniture and furniture components.Many factors have an influence on a desired result and only the combination of the correct aggregate and abrasives configuration, in conjunction with certain programmable sanding parameters can offer a perfect result.

MB Maschinenbau has bundled many years of experience in lacquer sanding in the Roba Split Belt line and developed a machine that meets
these high expectations.

Based on the Roba Tech philosophy that only alarge sanding area provides enough performance for best results, MB developed the “Split Belt” sanding aggregate. This combines the advantages of a large sanding area in contact with the work piece, while working in and against the part transport direction. An additional possibility to oscillate the split belt unit with up to 30 ° helps to optimize
the result. In conjunction with the for lacquer sanding optimized MB Superflex brushes, the Split Belt unit, placed at the machine exit, is responsible for the final finish in the longitudinal direction.

Since most work pieces need a cross processing to sand the millings transversal to the transport direction, as well as the right and left edges, two cross belt sanding units are placed at the machine
entrance. Having a processing width of 200mm each, the first cross unit works from right to left, while the second from left to right. This ensures a perfect sanding of all transversal grooves and longitudinal
edges. The combination of transverse and longitudinal sanding in one machine thus enables a smooth and effective processing in all areas.
On request the machine can be equipped with a cleaning aggregate at the machine end.
Machine Length3985 mm
Machine Width2720 mm
Machine Height2070 mm
Working Height850 - 900 mm
Working Width1300 mm
Power Consumption16 KW