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MB Roba-Tech Brush Sander

Item #: Roba-Tech 1300DI
Brand: MB Maschinenbau
Model: Roba-Tech 1300 DI
Year Mfg:

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MB Roba-Tech Brush Sander

An exceptional surface of your woodwork can instantly amaze customers. If you are struggling to give the best first impression, MB Machinenbau's MB ROBA-Tech offers the best solution for sanding any woodworking projects. The ROBA-tech series is unlike other brush sander machines in the market. Its unique, revolutionary and patented principle provides excellent sanding especially for panels with flat and profiles surfaced. This is due to its rotational brush belt sanding system that allows three sanding possibilities - intermediate lacquer sanding, MDF sanding and white wood sanding.

For best surface quality, the ROBA tech includes a reliable sanding belt with 174 sanding strips which allows maximum surface coverage. Its sanding head can also perform 360 degree rotation for best reach on edges and even corners, ensuring accurate sanding to any area. Even with the lowest rotation speeds, the ROBA tech can still provide cutting results. Since harsh and damaging sanding is prevented, you can benefit from sanding efficiency and longer abrasive's lifespan. To satisfy your sanding demands, the ROBA tech also offers adjustable standing options through the free PLC.

  • Low movement speed due to the large abrasives

  • Includes a rotational sanding head

  • Sanding parameter is programmable

  • Optional vacuum system

  • Longer abrasive lifespan

  • MB Flex system for abrasive configuration

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