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Martin T27 Fixed Spindle Shaper

Item #: T27 FiX
Brand: Martin
Model: T27 Fix
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $33,500.00

Our Price: $33,500.00


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Martin T27 Fix Fixed Spindle Shaper.

- On the T27 Fix, you can easily adjust the cutting height via the
electronic controller and the cutting depth via handwheel according to
the digital display. As soon as you „activate“ a tool, both values will
indicate the actual position in relation to the table and fence jaws. By
adding further controlled axes, you can upgrade the T27 Fix to a
“profiling center” with up to 5 controlled axes. Every additional axis
is fully integrated in the operating electronics and networked with the
other axes, making it a true performer.

- For curved moulding operations, the fence can be removed and later
remounted in seconds. With the optional folding support, you can lift
the fence from the table and fold it to the back of the machine, thereby
reducing expensive setup time.

- For mortising jobs, the MARTIN sliding table is an ideal option for
every T27 shaper. The sliding table features a heavy, robust design, a
work table that can be turned to 45° (fence up to 65°) in both
directions, and many other unique details make this option an
indispensable aid for cutting difficult mortises and tenons.

- The basic T27 features the DornFix system, the original MARTIN
quick-change system. The Dornfix system allows the operator to change
from a 30 mm to a 40 mm arbor in a matter of seconds. The optional
ProLock system further facilitates quick tooling changes.

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