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Martin T45 Contour Planer

Item #: T45 Contour
Brand: Martin
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $36,710.00

Our Price: $36,710.00


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Martin T45 Contour Planer.

- You can choose between the Contour15 and the Contour25 achieving a
profile depth of 15,5 or 25 mm respectively. Both machines come with the
“Contour Planing” cutterblock with 4 TERSA knife pockets as well as 2
corrugated back knife pockets. If your main focus is on profiling you
can choose the “Contour Profiling” cutterblock equipped with 2 TERSA
knife pockets and 4 corrugated back knife pockets. For thinner
workpieces you should consider the vaccuum table.

- Both Contour machines are equipped with an efficient control unit, whose
storage capacity is particularly advantageous in profiling work. The
precise positioning of the thicknessing table, with an accuracy of 0.1
mm, is even more

- Profile knives can be inserted into the four cutterhead knife pockets in
both machines. The cutters can be inserted radially or axially and with
the supplied setting gauge, set-up times can be reduced considerably.

- Clever combination saves space Unlike combination machines, the MARTIN
T45 and T54 function without the need for timeconsuming changes and,
thanks to the spacesaving installation, both of the machines fit
together in small footprint. In contrast to the combination machines,
both MARTINs can also be operated at the same time and because of their
close proximity to one another, they can even be operated by one person