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Martin T75 PreX Automatic Sliding Table Saw

Item #: T75 PreX
Brand: Martin
Model: T75 PreX
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $48,350.00

Our Price: $48,350.00


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Martin T75 PreX Automatic Sliding Table Saw.

Weight - 4400 - 4800lbs

Table Size - 850 mm x 1500 mm (33.5" x 59") in cast iron; operators' tool box doubles as outfeed table; optional cast-iron table extensions available

Table Height - 900 mm (35.5")

Sliding Table - 3000 mm (9'8") standard length; table length corresponds to cut length; infinitely locking design, wear-resistant tempered guides with self-cleaning design; replaceable table lip, anodized aluminum construction

Saw Blade Arbor - 30 mm Ø; speed easily adjusted from above through table opening via belt, digital speed display via touchscreen controller; maximum tool cutting width 14.8 mm (cutting angle 0°)

Saw Blade Replacement - "ProLock" Quick change system (no special tools required)

Saw Blades - 250 - 550 mm; saw blades up to 350 mm Ø can be lowered below table; saw blades up to 400 mm Ø can be used with scoring blades. Max. 6mm wide blade for grooving operations +/- 46°

Tilting Range - + 46° to - 46°

Cutting Height - max. 204 mm (8.031") / saw blade Ø 550 mm / 0°, max. 130 mm (5.12") / saw blade Ø 550 mm / +45° / max. 128 mm (5.03") / saw blade Ø 550 mm / -45°

Motor Power - 7,5 kW (10 HP), 3 ~ / 480 V - 60 Hz

Rotational Speed - Variable speed, digital speed display via touchscreen controller

Rip Capacity - 850 mm (33.5") standard. Other widths available

Cross-cut Fence - Anodized aluminum with continuous support, micro-adjustment for both flip stop elements; measurement display via scale with magnifying glass; controller compensates for length variation in mitre cuts; cutting length 95 - 2000 mm, can be extended to 3220 mm

Cross-cut Table - Massive 1340 x 650 mm (52.75" x 25.5") table size, galvanized steel construction, mitre cuts via scale without adjusting the stop; integrated fixed detents for 0°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° cuts; single-handed clamping of cross cut table on the sliding table. Fence profile can be reversed for veneer overhang applications.

Rip Fence - Stop with scale; manually adjustable; fence can be lowered below table level; sensor in rip fence automatically compensates for width changes when fence is utilized in a mitre application, anodized aluminum construction riding on four grooved ball bearings

Dust Extraction - Parallelogram saw blade guard 100 mm Ø, machine frame 120 mm Ø; 880cfm at 4500fpm (V); equipped with Leitz Dust Flow Control which increases dust efficiency by up to 60%.

Guard - Blade guard with 4 blade covers ; the simple combination of flat and bulbous blade covers allows for the highest flexibility when sawing. Supplied with 2 flat and 2 bulbous covers (provides coverage from 0 to 145mm) Clearance between sawblade axis and support grid: approx. 900 mm, Clearance when blade guard is pushed back - between guard and blade: approx. 640 mm; Safety interlock from working position.

Standard Accessories - 1x clamping shoe on sliding table, 1x ProLock Allen key, 1x litre oil, 1x reset grip, 4x riving knives, 1x push stick, 1x AIGNER push block

Control Panel - Tiltable, ergonomic control panel at eye level; job sheet holder supplied as standard

Controller - PowerPC-control in industrial standard, with LINUX operating system and TFT TouchScreen - user interface; BUS controlled servo drives (CANopen), USB-interface for saving data and for updates

Electrical Equipment - Electronic soft start and braking device; contact control of dust extraction; motor protection switch and overload protection, undervoltage protection; lockable main switch (lock-out/tag-out), 2 EMERGENCY STOP buttons (control panel, frame); 3Ph. 480 V, 60 Hz. Compliant with UL/CSA regulations.