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Mereen -Johnson Model 312-DC/SR1 HYPH "Select-A-Rip" Straight Line Multiple Rip Saw.

Item #: 312-DC/SR1
Brand: Mereen-Johnson
Model: 312-DC
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Mereen -Johnson Model 312-DC/SR1 HYPH "Select-A-Rip" Straight Line Multiple Rip Saw.

One inboard shifting saw assembly in combination with outboard TwistLock mounted blades provide the parts you need, when you need them, drastically reducing set-up down time.

Consistent glue joint accuracy - Without constant adjustments
Mereen-Johnson's cast iron direct arbor drive - Bullet proof performance without belts to tension or replace
A heavy duty, air loaded pressure head for smooth feeding
Posi-Feed bed - Positive stock containment throughout service life and inexpensive to replace.
Full two-year warranty and expert after sales support
The industry's best re-sale value.

Capacity:     12” arbor space, thickness to 2-3/4” using 14” dia. tooling, 30” min. length for glue joint accuracy, 22” min. length bust-up only.
Shifting Saw(s): One outboard shifting blade in combination with fixed saws. One inboard shifting blade in combination with fixed saws. Two inboard shifting blades in combination with fixed saws. 1” min. width net rip between shifting saws, 1-1/8” min. net rip between TwistLocksaw mounted saw collars (when using individual hold down shoes).
Laser Lights: Machine mounted laser light stand arranged for mounting up to six laser lights. One traveling laser light provided for each shifting saw and integrated with saw movement.
Arbor Drive:  Direct drive 50 HP, 3600 RPM TEFC Mereen-Johnson saw arbor motor.
Feed Drive:  3 HP with variable frequency speed control, infinately variable, 30’-235’ per minute.
Feed Bed:   Posi-Feed friction feed bed of structural aluminum feed slats with replaceable steel backed rubber inserts carried on precision Double-Vee hardened steel feed chains and track. Oil mist lubrication of feed system with low oil level auto feed shut-off.
Hold Downs:   Four 3” dia. air loaded press rolls. Air loaded traveling shoes provided for each shifting blade. Air loaded individual shoe or removable bed plate hold downs for fixed blades can handle up to 1/2“ thickness variation.
Anti-Kickbacks: Single lower, double upper infeed.  Single upper outfeed.
Dust Collection: One 10” dia. and one 5” dia. upper, one 5” dia. lower, 4,060 total CFM required.
Electrical: Arranged for 3/60/230 or 460 volt power supply (other electrics available).
Shipping Information: Nominal 8’ by 6’ by 6’ shipping skid, 7,200 lbs, 3,300 kg.